Candle Care

Ethically sourced wooden wicks provide a next-level candle burning experience when cared for properly.


  • Make sure to trim your wick 1/4" before every burn (excluding the first burn).
  •  Wooden wicks do NOT self-trim, therefore, you will need to trim your wick every 4 hours. * To trim your wick, you may use wick trimmers or nail clippers. *
  • Refrain from burning your candle near fans and items that could potentially catch fire.
  • NEVER leave your candle unattended and be sure to keep out reach of children and pets.
  • When you see a silver clip at the bottom (1/2" of wax remaining), your candle has finished. If you prefer to repurpose your container, you may discard any remaining wax by melting it down and scooping it out with a spoon or by placing the container in a freezer for an hour then flip over the container to remove the hardened wax. Any remaining residue can be removed with rubbing alcohol and paper towels.